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About Jalore


Jalore is a city in western India in the state of Rajasthan and serves as the administrative headquarters of Jalore district. It is also known as "The City of Granite and Grandeur" for producing some of the finest quality granite in the world. There are five sub units in the district, namely Ahore, Jalore, Bhinmal, Raniwara and Sanchore. The three municipalities in the district are situated at Jalore, Bhinmal and Sanchore. The district has an area of 10, 640 square KM and total population of 1,448,486 as per census of 2001, with a population density of 136 persons per square KM. The major towns and cities in the district are Bhadrajun, Sayla, Megalva, Siana, Ahore, Sanchore, Bishangarh, Hadecha, Ramsin, Daspan, Jaswantpura, Ummedabad, Raniwara, Bagra, Bhinmal and Bagoda. The city is a famous tourist destination with many attractions as Tope Khana, Jalore Fort, Sundha Mata Temple and many more.

Geography of Jalore

Jalore has latitude of 25.35 N and longitude of 72.62 E with an average elevation of 178m or 584 feet above the sea level. The district has boundaries with Barmer District on the northwest, Pali District on the northeast, Sirohi District on the southeast and Banaskantha District of Gujarat state on the southwest. The district is mainly plain except for some thickly wooded hills in the north and some hillocks in the center. The eastern area of the district is rocky while the western part is plain with sand dunes and sand ridges at places. The district extends up to Rann of Kutch and is oblong in shape. Luni River serves as the main river in the district along with its tributaries Sukri, Bandi, Sagi, Khari and Jawai. The highest peak of the district is Sundha in the south eastern part with elevation of 991 meters or 3252 feet. Here is also located the famous Sundha Mata Temple.

Jalore is well connected by rail, road and air. National Highway No. 15 passes through the district connecting it to all major cities of Rajasthan. Also there is a broad gauge railway line of North Western Railway. The nearest Jodhpur airport is around 140 KM that is also opted by many people to reach here.

History and Culture of Jalore

In earlier times, Jalore was known as Jabalipura after the name of famous saint Maharishi Jabali. It was also known as Swarngiri after the hill at the foot of which it is situated. The town is believed to be found in 8th century and there are many rulers who ruled here over the centuries including  Gurjara-Pratihara in the 8th -9th century, Parimaras in the 10th century, Chauhans in the 11 century followed by Udayasimha until the city was captured and destroyed by Alauddin Khilji, Sultan of Delhi in 1311. The city was restored back to rulers of Marwar in 1704. Jalore is also the hometown of Jeevant Kunwar, mother of Maharana Pratap.

Hindi and Rajasthani are the local languages spoken here. The city has an average literacy rate of 60% which is a little higher than national average of 59.5%. The average rainfall in the district is 412 mm & maximum and minimum temperatures are 4 degrees and 50 degrees Celsius. The best time to visit the city being October to February.

Economy of Jalore

The district of Jalore is the producer of some of the finest quality Granite in the world and there are many small scale granite industries. There are around 500 units producing high quality granite products here. Majorly, the economy of district is based on agriculture and animal husbandry. Mustard oil seed is a major crop here along with wheat, bajra, kharif pulses, barley and jowar. There are also some mineral based industries that are set up here mining minerals from local mines as limestone, Gypsum, granite, murram, bajari and graded fluorite. Other small scale industries in the district include marble cutting and polishing, mustard seed crushing, skimmed milk powder, butter and ghee, handloom cloth and leather shoes. The recent industrial growth in the district has helped in the development and today city boasts about offering all kinds of modern amenities.

Tourism in Jalore

There are many attractions in Jalore attracting tourists from all over. Some of the must visit tourist places include:

Jalore Fort
It is an important attraction of the city with impressive architecture and believed to be constructed between 8th and 10th century. The fort stands atop a steep hill at a height of 336 meters. The fort has high fortified walls and bastions with cannons mounted on them. There are four massive gates to the fort but it is accessible only through one gate. There are exquisite views of the city one can get from the Jalore Fort.

Topekhana is located in the midst of Jalore city with an impressive structure adorned with stone carvings. It was built sometime between the 7th and 8th century by King Bhoj as a Sanskrit school. The school was renamed as Topekhana during the pre-independence period when officers used the building to store ammunition and artillery. There are two temples on either side of the building. There is an impressive room built about 10 feet above the floor of the building that is believed to have been the above of the school headmaster.

Sundha Mata Temple

Sundha Mata Mandir is a sacred temple worshipped by thousands of devotees from all over the country. The temple is built atop the Sundha Mountain in the Aravali range. The temple is made of white marble and houses an idol of Goddess Chamunda Devi. The pillar design of the temple reminds of the Dilwara temple in Mount Abu. There are also many inscriptions of historical value inside the temple.

Malik Shah's Mosque
During Ala-Ud-Din-Khilji's reign over Jalore, he constructed the famous mosque to honor Malik Shah, the Seljuk Sultan of Baghdad. Located in the center of Jalore Fort, the mosque is popular for its distinct style of architecture that is inspired by the buildings in Gujarat.

Sirey Mandir
The temple is located on the Kalashachal hill at a height of 646 meters. One has to take a 3 KM trip to foot through the Jalore city to reach the temple. It is believed that the famous temple was built by Rawal Ratan Singh in honor of Maharishi Jabali. It is also believed that the Pandavas took refuge in this temple.

There are also many Jain temples in the Jalore district attracting Jain pilgrims from all over. One can even choose to indulge in some shopping at the City Center Shopping Mall located in Jalore city.

Hotels in Jalore

With a lot of recent development in the district, there are all kinds of modern amenities one can find here. Be it hotels, medical facilities or anything else; one can be sure about all kinds of modern facilities available.
Jhora Magra Hotel
Address: N.H. 14, Gohili Circle, Sirohi Road, Sirohi, Rajasthan 307001
Phone: 02972 220 007

The Fern Ratan Villas
Address: 44, Oriya, Opposite Peace Park, Mount Abu, Rajasthan 307501
Phone: 099830 09294

Hotel Geetco
Address: Bhawrani, Jalore, Rajasthan 343001
Phone: 02973 224 011

Havelli Heritage, Ahore
Address: Raola ki Sheri, Raola, Ahore, Rajasthan 307029
Phone: 094133 73159

Rival Bhenswara

Address: Village Bhenswara, Jalore, Rajasthan 307029
Phone: 088903 95971
Hotel Mansarovar
Address: Near New Bus Stand Road, Jalore, Rajasthan 343001
Phone: 02973 224 536

Hotel Taanu
Address: Indrapuri Colony, Bhawrani, Jalore, Rajasthan 343001
Phone: 02973 222 383

Hotel Lotus

Address: Near New Bus Stand, Bhawrani, Jalore, Rajasthan 343001
Phone: 02973 225 060

Hotel Paras Place

Address: Bhawrani, Jalore, Rajasthan 343001
Phone: 02973 223 063

Restaurants in Bhilwara

Perfect Coffee Day
Address: Ahor Circle, Opposite Police Line, Jalore, Rajasthan 343001
Phone:  02973 226 677
Shree Ram Restaurant
Address: RJ SH 16, Shivaji Nagar Colony, Jalore, Rajasthan 343001
Sai Baba Restaurant
Address: Shivaji Nagar Colony, Jalore, Rajasthan 343001

Hospitals in Bhilwara

Govt. Hospital
Address: Ghanchiyo Ki Pilani, Bhawrani, Jalore, Rajasthan 343001
Phone: 097852 87451
Govt. Health and ART Centre
Address: Ghanchiyo Ki Pilani, Bhawrani, Jalore, Rajasthan 343001
Phone:  02973 225 093
Govt. City Hospital
Address: Maheshpura Rd, FCI Colony, Rishabh Nagar, Jalore, Rajasthan 343001
Phone:  02973 224 031

Chemists in Jalore

Dilip Medical Agency
Address: Hospital Road, Jalore, Rajasthan
Phone: 094142 66832

Preeti Pharma

Address: Shrinath market, manpura Colony, Jalore, Rajasthan 343001
Phone:  02973 222 526

Moolchand Akhaji Medical
Address: Rajasthan, Ghanchiyo Ki Pilani, Bhawrani, Jalore, Rajasthan 343001

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